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Feb 20, 2009 9:10am


I've got a bunch of things coming up where they put me in front of groups of people and I talk about stuff that I'm interested in (caution: mostly maps at the moment).


Just about 11 hours from now, Tom and I will be doing this week's CS547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, thanks to an invitation from Jeff Heer.


On Monday, March 9, Shawn and I lead a three hour workshop at O'Reilly's annual E-Tech conference, entitled Maps From Scratch. We'll be doing a full-stack review of open source geographic software for data and design, along with a bit of Stamen's pushing of this particular envelope. We'll try not to mention the G-word if possible: DIY is the point here. Later that week, Eric will do an hour-long conference session on reaching through maps: similar topic area, but much more emphasis on Stamen's work and very little hands-on.


I will celebrate the Ides of March in style with Andrew Turner, David Heyman, and Elizabeth Windram. The panel is Neocartography, and with luck 10:30am isn't crazy-early for conference goers. I've never been to Austin before, I hope the extremely tenuous-sounding hotel reservation I made through the SXSW web app doesn't leave me here begging for floor space in a week.

Where 2.0

I'm not sure if the schedule for this one is up yet, but it's in May and I'll be doing a one-person session on Flea Market Mapping. This will be a recap of the historical geography I've been exploring here on the blog, though May is a long time away and I might come up with some entirely new stuff to shoehorn into that title.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting up at SXSW! Mouna from Montreal will also be there! :) We met in Montreal in Oct. -Anthony

    Posted by Anthony Volodkin on Saturday, March 7 2009 10:03am UTC

  2. Hey Anthony, it'll be great to catch up!

    Posted by Michal Migurski on Saturday, March 7 2009 7:22pm UTC

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