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Apr 24, 2005 1:13am

"stop global warming" launched

I've been silent here for a week, because we've been working frantically to kick Stop Global Warming .org out the door in time for Earth Day.

That was yesterday, and the project is live. It will, of course, grow and change over the course of the upcoming year. The intent is for the site to be a sort of geo-blog, with each update over the next year introducing participants to a global warming hot-spot somewhere in the United States. It starts in Shismaref, Alaska, which is also the subject of an article in the this month's New Yorker on the topic of receding arctic ice. The article describes the way in which the surface reflectivity of ice vs. open ocean acts as a warmth-generating feedback loop. There's a Q and A with the author on the New Yorker's website.

We used Eyebeam's Forwardtrack software as a base for the project, and we are working on a visual map component for the website as the march grows in size and new stops are added. The final development push was madness. I haven't stayed at the office until the first morningbirds started chirping since I first started working with Eric two years ago, but any client who has pizza delivered to help make an all-nighter bearable and champagne when the work is done is all right in my book. Meanwhile, you should join me!


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