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Nov 5, 2004 1:07am

political signage

M. Kingsley writes A Contribution to the Ethical Taxonomy of Political Signage:

Delegates at both conventions had an uncanny ability to erupt with cued spontaneity, depending on who was speaking. When the Democratic candidate for Illinois Senate, Barack Obama spoke, they loved Obama... When Hillary Clinton, spoke, they loved Hillary... and when Teresa Heinz Kerry appeared, they loved Teresa.
During the Republican Convention, one minor item was occasionally mentioned in the news media and blogosphere -- the handmade signs visible throughout the week were not home-made by delegates, but actually mass produced by volunteers.

This article really underscored the scripted nature of politics in the U.S. It reminded me of two things, for better or worse:

  • Immaculately choreographed National Socialist Party rallies in Germany, as seen in Hitler And The Power Of Aesthetics
  • NASCAR hat advertising, where members of the crowd are employed to wear hats advertising beer, motor oil, and other products for specific periods of time, typically by jumping into and out of the throng of celebrants surrounding the winner of a race being interviewed by TV crews.


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