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Feb 10, 2005 7:55am

newsburst busted

Feb. 15: I just got a mail from CNet apologizing for the brief bugginess, and assuring me that Newsburst now works on a Mac. Sure enough, I'm logged in and trying it out.

Steve Rubel writes:

CNET News.com is launching a Web-based RSS news aggregator called Newsburst. The site, now in preview, will compete with Bloglines and Rojo. CNET's move comes on the heels of the LA Times and Guardian, which launched desktop RSS readers last week. This is the beginning of a trend where the big media launch branded RSS aggregators to make sure they retain reader loyalty.

It'd be a much more effective trend if the developers of newsburst had bothered to make the signup form work on a Mac. It doesn't even work in Firefox, so I wonder whether this is an MSIE-only thing. Come on guys, it's a couple of pull-down menus - get your act together and stop trying to be all javascript-crafty.


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