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Aug 18, 2004 4:00pm

a structured delivery mechanism

This page has existed in various iterations for almost 8 years, though until now it has always been strictly a static portfolio of my work.

I have decided to convert a part of it into a blog, to take advantage of the structure provided by commodity blogging software and to stop kidding myself that CVS makes for a good content management system.

I plan to use this space as notebook and journal, a warehouse for links and information, and a sounding board for projects I've got in the works.

Topics I'm interested in writing about:

  • Visual representation of information. Graphs, charts. Data visualization.
  • Pervasive flow of data, through autamated means. News feeds, aggregation, cURL, cron jobs, open data formats. Social, political implications of same.
  • Internet application development.

Topics I'm interested in, but don't think I ought to discuss here, because I feel that I have little to add to the copious amounts of existing discussion/noise:

  • Web development and W3C minutiae, including XHTML/CSS/etc.
  • U.S. politics, impending de-election of George Bush.
  • Social software.



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