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Jul 8, 2005 5:32am

media futures

Five articles I need to read very soon, in Seth's Transparent Bundles:

  1. Media Futures: AUTOMATA: "The most exciting new Internet companies are focused on lead generation, behavioral targeting, co-registration paths (aka coreg) and domain name brokerage. I seem to stumble every day across some new firm propping itself up on the shoulders of Google, Yahoo! or others to take advantage of a current wrinkle in an otherwise perfectly efficient landscape."
  2. Media Futures: ALGORITHM: "An Algorithm is a set of instructions or procedures for solving a problem. In the same way that computer scientists 50 years ago focused on the single problem of designing a general purpose computer, there is a similar focus in 2005 among leading Internet service architects: creating a social media computer that leverages user generated content to automate the production of commercial content."
  3. Media Futures: API: "...But now, in tackling the concept of API, even as it relates to something familiar like Internet Advertising, I am intimated by the history of professional, enterprise computing...."
  4. Media Futures: ALCHEMY: "In considering Alchemy as it relates to the Internet, I have been spending my time trying to reconstruct my college readings of Walter Benjamin, the beautifully melancholy German essayist from the 30's."
  5. Media Futures: ARBITRAGE (II, III, IV, V): "Arbitrage is the fifth and final part of the Media Futures series. It has taken me a full month to establish enough contexts for the word so as not to reduce its meaning."


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