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Feb 2, 2005 4:05pm

mappr is under the gun

A string of links over the last few days have slowed mappr to a crawl, and I had to shut it down for a few hours last night so Eric could present it at Meetup in NYC.


Mappr is quite literally a snapshot of the nation. Actually, it's lots and lots of snapshots. ... click on a photo and Mappr will tell you just how confident it is that it placed the pic in the right location. We're confident you'll find a surprise at every click.

USA Today:

Sometimes the best way to figure out where you are is to simply look around. Mappr lets you look at the U.S. and points nearby through the eyes of photographers kind enough to submit their snapshots to the site. The geographical interface to these casual (often very casual) snaps is wonderfully addictive if you let yourself worry less about the destination and more about your glimpses on your way there.


If you're a fan of Flickr Check out Stamen's : Mappr - a visual mapping of flickr's photocoupage. (tipped by Tomas!)

So that's why it has been sluggish since yesterday morning. CPU load has been hovering at around 5.00, hitting highs of 10.00 yesterday. The default recent photos search takes days, but tag-specific searches like "sign" or "red" work pretty quickly, and are more interesting anyway. :)


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