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Feb 27, 2006 7:14am

live the dream

GFY points to Dion Hinchcliffe's latest at Sys-Con magazine, Thinking in Web 2.0. Here's what awaits you after the jump:

  • Four separate animated areas on the screen: an "IT guy" juggling windows logos at lower left, a blinking advertisement at upper right, marquee text at lower right, and video with audio set to auto-play at right.
  • A full-screen pop-over ad executed in dynamic HTML to circumvent pop-up blockers.
  • Two more ads below the fold.
  • Tom Coates's name spelled "Coat".
  • Tom Coates's Future of Web Apps warmed-over, served in a casserole dish.
  • The claim that privacy is "really a 20th century notion anyway".

Hinchcliffe's articles are really starting to make me mad whenever I encounter them - why must they be linked from otherwise respectable sources?


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