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Mar 11, 2008 5:41am


I amused myself this weekend by pulling maps from the Online Archive Of California and grinding them up with Python and gdalwarp to make map tiles:

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  1. Should we be on the lookout for Crime Spotting circa 1910's? That'd be interesting to be able to jump between maps of a century ago and now to see if hot spots over lap.

    Posted by Taylor on Tuesday, March 11 2008 3:25pm UTC

  2. That's fantastic Mike. Please make my dream come true: http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2006/01/two_possible_go.html">http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2006/01/two_possible_go.html

    Posted by Dan Hill on Wednesday, March 12 2008 1:26am UTC

  3. Oops sorry for buggering up the link. Here it is (feel free to tidy that up!): http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2006/01/two_possible_go.html

    Posted by Dan Hill on Wednesday, March 12 2008 1:28am UTC

  4. Coming right up! Actually, check these out: http://oakland-1877.s3.amazonaws.com/11-r791-c328.jpg http://oakland-1877.s3.amazonaws.com/12-r1582-c656.jpg http://oakland-1877.s3.amazonaws.com/13-r3165-c1313.jpg http://oakland-1877.s3.amazonaws.com/14-r6331-c2627.jpg http://oakland-1877.s3.amazonaws.com/15-r12662-c5255.jpg It's interesting that you mention audio in that post. I've had it in mind to send up a well-mic'd helium balloon for nighttime recording since watching July 4 fireworks from the roof of our West Oakland warehouse in 2004 (when the bottle rockets ran out and the bullets started flying, we knew it was time to go inside). There's something that happens to the sound of cars driving by from a slight distance that's quite startling.

    Posted by Michal Migurski on Wednesday, March 12 2008 1:42am UTC

  5. It saddens me, how much more beautiful the old maps are, despite what I am sure are your best efforts. I long for the day digital cartography is even a tenth as nice as the real stuff.

    Posted by AG on Tuesday, April 8 2008 7:28pm UTC

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