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Jun 28, 2007 10:49pm

foo, pownce

Right, so I feel totally swamped right now, mostly by e-mails and a general feeling of not enough time in the day.

Two big interesting things have happened in the past week: Tom and I went to O'Reilly's FOO Camp in Sebastopol, an invitation-only hootenany attended by a variety of nerds. Among other talks and sessions, Kevin Slavin gave an understated, epic rundown of Area/code's relationship to that one meme about how kids don't roam nearly as far from home as they used. Kevin neatly tied up a bunch of threads about location, technology, television, and media, and my life is the richer for it.

The other thing is that Pownce launched. Our own Shawn Allen built the Adobe AIR desktop client for this messaging application, and large chunks of the project were conceived and perfected in our office. I've been close to the work and participated in a number of API design discussions. There's a bunch of noise about how it's like-Twitter-this, and isn't-it-just-email-that, but it's a stake in the ground, fun to use, and has a bright future.


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