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Aug 14, 2006 1:08am

consumption diary

(A brief record of products and services recently consumed)

  1. Good bike: IRO Mark-V

    I picked this up from Montano Velo yesterday, and I'm thrilled. It's been a long time coming since I first chose it, but I'm still really happy with the decision. It looks different from what I expected, in that the rims are much deeper and the wheels are completely black. It looks like a spider. So far, the ride is quite comfortable. The brake placement and toe clips are taking some time to get used to, but the gear feels right and the size of the frame (which is 3cm taller than what I initially wanted) is also good.

  2. Good art: Listening Post

    Worth the $8 price of admission to SJMA. This is confident, striking, immersive, funny, expansive work. Absolutely wipes the floor with We Feel Fine.

  3. Good movie: Miami Vice

    Pretty much the perfect Michael Mann flick. I loved Heat, Collateral, and The Insider, and this one fit right in. He's really getting the hang of digital filmmaking, and is definitely the first director I'm aware of to use digital to create a new epic look. Don't miss the scenes of private jets streaking between clouds, various go-fast boats, Freaky Chakra's Blacklight Fantasy on the soundtrack, and amazing nighttime shots of Miami.

  4. Good show: Survival Research Labs

    Part of the ZeroOne festival in San Jose. The big gold man sculpture (foily balls!) was a dud, and the show was without focus or point, but shit was loud, robots ate each other, 2x4's shattered, and everyone had a great time.

  5. Good movie: Little Miss Sunshine

    As funny as 40 Year Old Virgin. This is the kind of movie that I want to see do well, so I will check on weekend box office numbers from time to time.


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