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Feb 10, 2008 10:09pm

now with comments

I've been toying with Akismet and ReCAPTCHA a bit, and I feel comfortable adding comments to this blog again. I last tried this this almost four years ago, and the near-instant flood of Texas Hold 'Em spam made me turn them off. ReCAPTCHA uses the Internet Archive's book-scanning project as a source of difficult-to-read text, so there's a social good that results from any submitted comments.

I had originally wanted to use Akismet as a primary filter, so that the ReCAPTCHA form was only displayed if a comment triggered their spam alarm. However, I became uncomfortable with the comments on my personal site being used to stock a commercial database. I will still use this pattern elsewhere, because it's a self-evidently better user experience, but while you are in my house you shall be forced to suffer.

Comments only work on relatively recent posts - anything older than three months or so has the form turned off.

Comments (8)

  1. Testing, testing, 1-2-3. Sibilance... sibilance.

    Posted by Michal Migurski on Sunday, February 10 2008 10:18pm UTC

  2. It worked!

    Posted by Adrian Holovaty on Sunday, February 10 2008 11:13pm UTC

  3. At last! Hooray!

    Posted by Eric Rodenbeck on Monday, February 11 2008 2:27am UTC

  4. Woooow...

    Posted by zAk on Monday, February 11 2008 10:33am UTC

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets struck with that Space Ghost reference when doing mic checks. ;)

    Posted by Taylor Wright on Monday, February 11 2008 4:41pm UTC

  6. That reCaptcha is hard! I understand the need tho.... The audio version reminds me of those mysterious number shortwave stations. Comments are nice, good idea.

    Posted by gavin on Monday, February 11 2008 11:41pm UTC

  7. Yay! Now, down to business... May I interest you in a game of Texas Hold'Em Poker? ;)

    Posted by Boris Anthony on Tuesday, February 12 2008 4:21am UTC

  8. Comments rock! I just wanted to meta-comment for no good reason.

    Posted by PixelRobot on Thursday, February 14 2008 11:45pm UTC

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