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Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm

weeks 1,838/1,839: total protonic reversal

On an airplane coming back from Washington, DC. I’m trying to be good at this weeknotes thing, but I’m also somewhat speechless for the moment so this will be short.

Code is a thing I can talk about most comfortably in the context of a weeknote, otherwise it turns into strangely unsatisfying codename mystery project blogging.

I’ve formalized last week’s Typescript experiment into a standalone map tile library called Squares. A demo that loosely duplicates the recently-departed getlatlon.com shows what it’s generally capable of, which at the moment is Not A Ton. I think the Typescript experiment feels like a success, and I’m starting to point Squares at other projects that have been waiting for it to take shape.

When I wasn’t hacking at Typescript last week, I was at an actual desk working with Trifacta in San Francisco on data and UX consulting.

We also had a record nine people at our weekly geogeek breakfast at the Mission Pork Store, up from a typical five or six. Onward.

While in DC, I fully caught up with Team Mapbox and batted around some OpenStreetMap US 2013 ideas with Eric, Alex, Tom, and Bonnie. We watched Ted, the one about the talking bear, and drank cheap beer from cans.

This week, more of all that and talking and hopefully some new code and cartography finally.

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