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Apr 4, 2012 6:11am


We launched a thing last week. It was fairly well-received by people on the internet. A few people at Stamen who don’t normally write on the company blog wrote on the company blog: Zach talked about the blur/noise process behind the watercolor tiles, Geraldine explained all the work that went into the textures, and Jeff showed off some of his work logging tile usage on the site. I recapped a lot of my background work on Terrain, and then Cups And Cakes Bakery went and made it into cupcakes.

Paul Smith, who taught me how to install Mapnik a long time ago, did an interview with me about maps while slacking off from his day job. In it, I wrote a bunch of things that I think are interesting about online maps, which is a good thing because today I didn’t feel well and bailed on my Where 2.0 talk. Sorry about that—you didn’t miss anything, I was really unhappy with the talk I had prepared, which probably contributed to my morning.

Here are pictures:

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