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Sep 29, 2007 5:43am


Even though they haven't released anything worth listening to since Dwayne Goettel died in 1995, Skinny Puppy has been a favorite band of mine since I first heard them 15 years ago.

Most of the ice-cold music I've posted here in the past has been, to my ears, directly descended from Skinny Puppy's 1984 EP, Remission. It's a perfect example of self-confidence absent the inflated expectations of a demanding fanbase, a trait also found in early Orbital records and Skinny Puppy's later albums Bites and Mind: T.P.I.

  1. Smothered Hope
  2. Glass Houses
  3. Incision
  4. Far Too Frail
  5. Film
  6. Manwhole
  7. Ice Breaker
  8. Solvent
  9. Sleeping Beast
  10. Glass Out
  11. ...Brap
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