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Sep 5, 2005 4:28pm

two things before I bail

1. I understand podcasting now

Still haven't successfully listened to a single talkie-podcast, except for one Adam Bosworth talk from IT Conversations where he referred to "this chart" at point and I threw up my hands & turned it off.

But Ryan pointed out DnB Sets, which offers a podcast of drum & bass and breaks sets, most an hour or more in length. This is a really great way to get music! iTunes handles all the details, and every morning I get two or three hours of fresh music to listen to and throw away when I'm done.

2. WTF happened to George Bush?

I'm not a fan of the President, but I thought his general reaction to 2001-09-11 was pretty admirable. Within a day he was front & center acting like he was in control, and imparting a general sense of getting-shit-done. Guiliani helped, too. I understand about photo-ops and PR, but putting on appearances is important.

This week, we have a mealy-mouthed dingbat flying around in his little airplane, listing how many buckets of ice are going to be sent to NOLA and staging absurdist theatrical on-camera "briefings" with the head of FEMA to reiterate the obvious. We know the situation is heart-rendingly fucked - get into that helicopter behind you and go do something about it!


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