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Apr 21, 2008 8:40pm

ffffound review

I've been an active user of Ffffound! since late summer of 2007 (sorry, I don't have any invites), here is a collection of some of my favorite images from the site. I've roughly categorized them into a few groups: maps, snow, geometry, mist, texture, grain, frozen moments, WTF?, and everything else.


Maps are what we do, here are some great ones.

Aaron Cope has been thinking about the papernet.

This is a map drawn on a glove that Gem found.

I love freeway interchanges viewed from above.


I have a soft spot for photographs taken through heavy snow, with flakes out of focus and huge in the foreground. Combined with the short-range lighting in a few of these, it makes for a lovely effect.


Ambient occlusion is an interesting trend in rendering, like additive blending.


Many of my favorite images from Fffound! are photographed through mist.


These are some of Fred Scharmen's lovely branching sketches.


Visible grain is making a re-appearance in photography and film, see e.g. No Country For Old Men.

This one's from a collection of vintage color photos from the 1940's and later.

This one's in Wroclaw, my hometown.

Frozen Moments


A lot of completely absurd shit makes its way onto Fffound!.

The bear was my AIM buddy icon for a while.

This strongly reminds me of Madame Chao's noisecore visual style.

A lego rendering of Stephen Hawking!


The girl's face on the right absolutely makes this photo.

Recently, one of my most-linked blog posts.

From the Helvetica movie.

I first found this amazing image in Netochka Nezvanova's ("the most feared woman on the internet") images directory, back when I gave two shits about the software abomination that was nato.0+55.

This lovely photo convinced me that black spokes with light-colored rims would be a great idea for my IRO.

Comments (3)

  1. Nice post, and thanks for the shoutout. I had an incomplete list that was like 'if ffffound had ttttags' somewhere that I can't find now. as well as I can remember, it went something like: FailureOfModernism IntricateInfographic StarWarsMashup NakedChicks SuprematistRedux InfrastructureGalore ... and of course: OMG!WTF?

    Posted by sevensixfive on Wednesday, April 23 2008 2:25am UTC

  2. Great post. Super pppleased to find something of mine nestled in there! 765 - don't forget TypographyPorn, also why the hell am I missing all the NakedChicks?

    Posted by Rob on Wednesday, April 30 2008 12:40pm UTC

  3. The NakedChicks seem to be a seasonal thing ... there'll be a few weeks of nothing but, and then back to SuprematistRedux and StarWarsMashup for a while. My jeer-ttttags would be ExpensiveVinylToys and WilliamsburgCrayonArt.

    Posted by Michal Migurski on Wednesday, April 30 2008 4:33pm UTC

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