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May 1, 2007 5:51pm

digg api, followup

Almost two weeks ago, Digg launched the API that we helped design. Since then, a few interesting uses have popped up that deserve a mention:

  • Alex Bosworth created Who's Digging You?, a javascript-based app that cralws over your list of submitted stories and finds the people who've dugg them the most. Also throws in the usernames of submitters whose stories you digg the most for good measure.
  • Derek Van Vliet made the Smart Digg Button, a Firefox browser extension that checks with Digg for every page you visit, and inserts a tiny display of digg counts for that URL from Digg. If this were Google, I'd be worried - the extension necessarily sends Digg a record of every page you visit, so it raises some privacy alarms. Still really neat though.
  • Diggest is a player that shows popular videos and the Digg comments attached to them. It's the first comment-based API use I've seen, and has a great MST3K/peanut gallery feel.
  • Derek Van Vliet also wrote PyDigg, one of many language-specific API toolkits. I've seen others for .NET, Ruby, Java, and so on, but Python is the language closest to my heart so I'm linking to this one.


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