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Dimension7 hosts a monthly event called Video Salon, a loose gathering of folks who create or mix video and other imagery in a live context. Normally the event takes place indoors, but this past October (2004) it was expanded into a Video Riot as an opener to the week-long Transcinema Festival.

The goal was to transform the huge expanse of blank, white wall across the street from D7's SF warehouse into a block-long, 150-foot-tall canvas of moving images for just a few hours.

The event has since been repeated twice, most recently in November 2004. In 2004, I forsook my usual Projector Posse role, and instead photographed all evening.

In 2002 and 2003, I was tasked with heading up the projector posse, which put me in charge of gathering, testing, deploying, sourcing, and taking care of the 2-dozen or so video projectors which were donated for use at the event. It was a complete success - the images were significantly brighter than we expected, so we were able cover the entire wall, rather than just the bottom half as we assumed. A few hundred people showed up, and many brought their own work to show: more projectors, a few mixing stations, some slides, and a truck-mounted laser lightshow.

Read a Video Riot review in the S.F. Chronicle and the press release about 2002's event:

Press Release

On Tuesday October 8, in association with the Transcinema Festival, Dimension 7 (D7) will host "Video Riot!", a special installment of San Francisco's monthly "Video Salon".

A cross between an edgy electronic tailgate party and a real-time drive-in multiplex, VIDEO RIOT! will showcase San Francisco's homegrown Vj community, many of whom will not be showing at other Transcinema events. Artists will be creating a massive outdoor wall of light across from the D7 studio downtown.

This promises to be a truly intense collective projection experience, inspired by a two year series of monthly events that cater to the local Vj scene. "Video Salon" has been the meeting ground of an open community of visual artists. Their monthly jam sessions feature screenings, software demo's, and an extended Vj mixing session open to any artists who show up.

"We try to include a broad spectrum of people including computer graphics artists, experimental filmmakers, live visual performance artists and installation builders to come and show their work." say organizers Jon Schwark and Grant Davis. "We want to actively promote technical experimentation and aesthetic development within this community."

The program for the VIDEO RIOT! will include screenings of Electronica-Optica's VJTV and the Drummachine Museum's DMTV, local public access shows that showcase VJ art.

Attendees are invited to bring walkmans and tune into the simultaneous radio broadcast by INFINITE KAOS DJ's IKarus, Alaric (Insect Funeral) and Kapt. Kaos.

Tuesday October 8th
8pm-11pm (artists by 7pm please)
Dimension 7 -- 150 Folsom (at Spear)

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