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From 1996 to 2001, Viberation was my group alter-ego. As the San Francisco party environment has changed, we've gone into remission, though we're all still active as individual agents.

At one time, the following was pretty dead-on:

We are deeply ingrained in all aspects of the San Francisco dance community. Our crew includes DJ's, musicians, artists and producers, and occasionally we host our own events.
My personal involvement with Viberation began as one of the founding members in 1996, and has since developed into a co-producer of Viberation Graphics, the live projection visuals arm of our group. Together with my partner, Terry Estioko, we design and install elaborate multimedia shows at parties and clubs hosted by groups such as Cloud Factory, Friends & Family, Harmony, Silver Pearl (Quest), and others. I am primarily responsible for the creation of our custom animated content and planning installations and screen layouts. Terry is primarily responsible for planning show logistics and exploring new hardware possibilities.
Our work has been featured in Greg Harrison's recent independent film, Groove, a hit at the 2000 Sundance festival.
I have recently started branching off my video to work to incorporate the bipole A/V experience.

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