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Sordid is a basic MP3 sorter for Macintosh OS X written in Perl, and used via the command line. It automates the tedious process of picking through downloaded MP3 files and building complete albums by searching through the HTML output of, generating artist discographies, and attempting to match existing files to found tracks, with a preference for albums with longer tracklistings and more locally matched files. Also, the heuristic matching algorithm prefers to work with more local files, since it can create more matches and get a better overall picture of the local file collection.

This script is heavily reliant upon freedb and ID3X, an excellent ID3 tagging utility whose batch tag-by-folder feature is a great complement to Sordid's categorization.

Grab a gzipped archive with the script and some example files:
Sordid.tar.gz, 9 Kb
Current version is 0.1.

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