san francisco late night coalition

Since springtime, I have been webmaster and steering committee member for the SF Latenight Coalition, a political action committee devoted to serving San Francisco's diverse night life.

I have just recently launched our new website, which provides a database driven content management system and a more standardized interface, making it easier to input, maintain, and find information in the site.

In addition to improvements on the back-end, I've made standards compliance upgrade as well: the display of the entire site is driven by cascading stylesheets and a loose tabular layout skeleton, so that it prints correctly and doesn't cause display issues on any browser I'm aware of. Near-future plans include changing the doctype to XHTML and removing the two-cell table that currently defines the basic column structure.

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I am also elsewhere on the web.

I bookmark at Pinboard, where I can be found at /u:migurski.

Other people's pictures I like go on migurski.tumblr.com. Before, they went on ffffound.com/migurski.

I'm medium-active on twitter/michalmigurski.