The view from above.

You can imagine my joy when I was informed that we have roof access in my building. Whoop!

My first instinct was to get up there and take some photos - these are a few shots I took to get a feel for the view. I plan to return and take more, better shots. The one from this set that I am particularly pleased with is the portrait of Gem.

The stadium lights at Pac Bell Park looks especially ethereal in the night, casting a blue glow that diffuses through the air and refuses to be properly caught on film. Next time...

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Intersection, 155 Kb
Looking south, towards the 3rd street bridge and the McDonalds, as the game lets out and the streets fill with people.

Intersection, 178 Kb
Further south along 3rd. More people.

Construction Site, 219 Kb
South and to the West, over a huge construction site bound by Townsend, 3rd, King, and 4th. The bright spot on the upper-left is the Caltrain station.

Stadium Lights, 98 Kb
South and East, Pac Bell Park.

Stadium Lights, 91 Kb
South and East, more Pac Bell Park.

Gem, 84 Kb
Looking east. Sutro Tower in the background, Gem in the foreground.

Gray Cary, 159 Kb
The brightly illuminated Gray Cary Building. "Only 3 floors left" said a sign on the front, on a building that had only 3 usable floors at the time.

East Bay, 160 Kb
Looking east, along Townsend with the east bay in the distance. I'd like to borrow a telephoto lens sometime, so i can get a few long-distance shots of the Port of Oakland.

Streaks, 207 Kb
Back to that same intersection again, but now with a 16-second exposure.

Downtown, 106 Kb
This building always reminds me of Ghostbusters. Are you the keymaster?