OSC hub / september 2003

osc_hub is a client and server for OSC data, and is intended for use with the Max/MSP otudp/OpenSoundControl objects. For this reason, the only currently supported data formats are string, floats, and ints. Time tags and other data formats are ignored or otherwise glossed over. For more information on OSC in Max/MSP, see http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/ OSC/Max/.

osc_hub has been developed and tested with PHP 4.3.2, and requires that PHP be compiled with experimental sockets support; see http://php.net/sockets for more information.

I've released it under the terms of the LGPL.

Grab a gzipped archive of the script:
osc_hub.tar.gz, 15 Kb
Current version is 1.0.

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