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May 3, 2007 5:40pm

cathedral tour

We gave a talk about our work at SOM on Tuesday, and in return they offered a tour of the Oakland Cathedral construction site. This was a special treat for Gem and I, because we live a few blocks away from the site, and have been jealously plotting to sneak in ever since they broke ground last year.

A few things we learned: the Cathedral sits atop a crypt, whose contents are a major source of revenue for the Diocese. They refer to the spaces they sell as "product". There is space planned for an organ, but organ design is something that has to take place after the space is built, because acoustics are so touchy. Fortunately, their organ designer happens to live in Oakland. The reliquary itself is seismically isolated from the ground below and the remainder of the site, and is spec'd to stand for 300 years.

Here are my photos, starting with Dapper Tom:

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