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Jun 7, 2005 5:36pm

shawn in morocco

Shawn has been posting his amazing photos from Fes, Morocco.

Lots of human-scale interior spaces such as this one, hot on the heels of fresh attention paid to Christopher Alexander's work.

Jun 7, 2005 4:40pm

copyright idiocy

Two from Andy:

Plan to extend copyright on pop classics:

Britain's super-rich rock veterans are about to get even richer. The government wants to extend copyright laws to ensure pop songs are protected for almost twice as long as the current 50 years. ... James Purnell, the new minister for creative industries, believes the change will allow record companies to generate extra revenue to look for new talent and nurture it. Purnell, who will outline his plans in a speech next week, said: The music industry is a risky business and finding talent and artists is expensive. There is a view that long-term earners are needed so that the record companies can plough money back into unearthing new talent.


Tough shit, James. Why is it that international copyright terms are being standardized up instead of down? The way things are going, who knows if these record companies will even be around to collect royalties in ten years, not to mention 60.

Digital photos can look great, but some labs won't print those that appear too professional:

Photofinishing labs increasingly are refusing to print professional-looking photographs taken by amateurs. The reason: Photofinishers are afraid of infringing on professional photographers' copyrights.

Double $#@%!!

I must not have been paying attention when we crossed over into Bizarro-world.

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