ReBlog Look & Feel Overhaul Notes

Michal Migurski, June 28, 2005.

I’ve been planning a visual overhaul of ReBlog’s stylesheets. They are starting to look puffy and dated, and it’s time to cut out a little fat. Here, I’ve collected a small group of application fragments that I think are particularly good designs to emulate.

These are applications whose presentation of tabular and listed information is particularly effective. They manage to pack a lot of information into a small space without sacrificing clarity, and all the native (non-web) applications also feature interactive current-row highlights.

Overall Highlights

Apple Mail

This is Apple’s OS X e-mail client, Mail 2.0. It feels significantly more polished than Mail 1.0. I’d be much happier with it if MailEnhancer still worked.


iTunes is Apple’s MP3 player. Here, I am looking through my music collection using the “browse” view in version 4.8.

Safari RSS

Safari 2.0 has a new built-in RSS reader. It borders on useless, but the appearance of each feed in the browser is very handsome. I'm very frustrated that Apple has chosen to auto-convert all RSS resources from the “http://” protocol to “feed://”. This prevents me from seeing the actual contents of a feed unless I use cUrl or Mozilla.

Basecamp (To-Do Lists)

Basecamp is a project management web application. This screen grab shows only the appearance of a hypothetical to-do list.

Simplebits (Navigation)

Simplebits is Dan Cederholm’s website and portfolio.