Click on squares in the image map below for 1024x1024 full versions of the pattern excerpts. Full blog post.

F=0.026, k=0.059 F=0.027, k=0.059 F=0.028, k=0.059 F=0.029, k=0.059 F=0.030, k=0.059 F=0.031, k=0.059 F=0.032, k=0.059 F=0.033, k=0.059 F=0.034, k=0.059 F=0.035, k=0.059 F=0.036, k=0.059 F=0.037, k=0.059 F=0.038, k=0.059 F=0.039, k=0.059 F=0.040, k=0.059 F=0.041, k=0.059 F=0.042, k=0.059 F=0.043, k=0.059 F=0.044, k=0.059 F=0.045, k=0.059 F=0.046, k=0.059 F=0.047, k=0.059 F=0.048, k=0.059 F=0.049, k=0.059 F=0.050, k=0.059 F=0.051, k=0.059 F=0.052, k=0.059 F=0.053, k=0.059 F=0.054, k=0.059 F=0.055, k=0.059 F=0.056, k=0.059 F=0.057, k=0.059 F=0.058, k=0.059 F=0.059, k=0.059 F=0.026, k=0.060 F=0.027, k=0.060 F=0.028, k=0.060 F=0.029, k=0.060 F=0.030, k=0.060 F=0.031, k=0.060 F=0.032, k=0.060 F=0.033, k=0.060 F=0.034, k=0.060 F=0.035, k=0.060 F=0.036, k=0.060 F=0.037, k=0.060 F=0.038, k=0.060 F=0.039, k=0.060 F=0.040, k=0.060 F=0.041, k=0.060 F=0.042, k=0.060 F=0.043, k=0.060 F=0.044, k=0.060 F=0.045, k=0.060 F=0.046, k=0.060 F=0.047, k=0.060 F=0.048, k=0.060 F=0.049, k=0.060 F=0.050, k=0.060 F=0.051, k=0.060 F=0.052, k=0.060 F=0.053, k=0.060 F=0.054, k=0.060 F=0.055, k=0.060 F=0.056, k=0.060 F=0.057, k=0.060 F=0.058, k=0.060 F=0.059, k=0.060 F=0.026, k=0.061 F=0.027, k=0.061 F=0.028, k=0.061 F=0.029, k=0.061 F=0.030, k=0.061 F=0.031, k=0.061 F=0.032, k=0.061 F=0.033, k=0.061 F=0.034, k=0.061 F=0.035, k=0.061 F=0.036, k=0.061 F=0.037, k=0.061 F=0.038, k=0.061 F=0.039, k=0.061 F=0.040, k=0.061 F=0.041, k=0.061 F=0.042, k=0.061 F=0.043, k=0.061 F=0.044, k=0.061 F=0.045, k=0.061 F=0.046, k=0.061 F=0.047, k=0.061 F=0.048, k=0.061 F=0.049, k=0.061 F=0.050, k=0.061 F=0.051, k=0.061 F=0.052, k=0.061 F=0.053, k=0.061 F=0.054, k=0.061 F=0.055, k=0.061 F=0.056, k=0.061 F=0.057, k=0.061 F=0.058, k=0.061 F=0.059, k=0.061 F=0.026, k=0.062 F=0.027, k=0.062 F=0.028, k=0.062 F=0.029, k=0.062 F=0.030, k=0.062 F=0.031, k=0.062 F=0.032, k=0.062 F=0.033, k=0.062 F=0.034, k=0.062 F=0.035, k=0.062 F=0.036, k=0.062 F=0.037, k=0.062 F=0.038, k=0.062 F=0.039, k=0.062 F=0.040, k=0.062 F=0.041, k=0.062 F=0.042, k=0.062 F=0.043, k=0.062 F=0.044, k=0.062 F=0.045, k=0.062 F=0.046, k=0.062 F=0.047, k=0.062 F=0.048, k=0.062 F=0.049, k=0.062 F=0.050, k=0.062 F=0.051, k=0.062 F=0.052, k=0.062 F=0.053, k=0.062 F=0.054, k=0.062 F=0.055, k=0.062 F=0.056, k=0.062 F=0.057, k=0.062 F=0.058, k=0.062 F=0.059, k=0.062 F=0.026, k=0.063 F=0.027, k=0.063 F=0.028, k=0.063 F=0.029, k=0.063 F=0.030, k=0.063 F=0.031, k=0.063 F=0.032, k=0.063 F=0.033, k=0.063 F=0.034, k=0.063 F=0.035, k=0.063 F=0.036, k=0.063 F=0.037, k=0.063 F=0.038, k=0.063 F=0.039, k=0.063 F=0.040, k=0.063 F=0.041, k=0.063 F=0.042, k=0.063 F=0.043, k=0.063 F=0.044, k=0.063 F=0.045, k=0.063 F=0.046, k=0.063 F=0.047, k=0.063 F=0.048, k=0.063 F=0.049, k=0.063 F=0.050, k=0.063 F=0.051, k=0.063 F=0.052, k=0.063 F=0.053, k=0.063 F=0.054, k=0.063 F=0.055, k=0.063 F=0.056, k=0.063 F=0.057, k=0.063 F=0.058, k=0.063 F=0.059, k=0.063