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Hill & Knowlton U.S. was my day job, until summer 2003. I worked as an engineer and web applications developer.

The HnK Global website was built primarily on the strengths of the U.S. site, finished earlier while we were still at my former employer, extension11.

The first release of this site was launched in 2001. In late 2002, Hill & Knowlton overhauled their visual identity, and the old gray site had to go. A complete visual update of the site was needed, as well as an upgrade to PINCHOS, the new version of our custom content management system and development framework (formerly know as CoHo).

It was a testament to the flexibility and internal-consistency of PINCHOS that the technical portion of the upgrade process could be run concurrently with the graphic process.

In just four weeks, we were able to redesign the site, add sections and content links to the database where necessary, convert the live database to conform to PINCHOS standards (mostly using our pre-built conversion scripts made for this purpose), create a display system with HTML and CSS that could scale to cover future Hill & Knowlton websites, coordinate with our U.K. counterparts to publish a complete online style guide, and seamlessly launch the website.

My other main responsibility on this site was all of the Flash components, notably the worldwide contact map.

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