BMW Design Priorities Tool / 2003 - 2004

My first project for Stamen was the Design Priorities Tool. In conjunction with the DesignworksUSA Advanced Communications Group, we produced a rich internet application for use by BMW's Design Strategy Group in Münich. It's used to communicate and defend design decisions during the car development process at BMW in a visual format ("it's important to keep these trim details because..."), and as a historical repository of past rationales ("Our taillights have always been shaped like this because..."). Design Arguments are presented in a structured format, with attention focused on historical, technical, and marketing implications.

It's helpful to think about the project as a hybrid that combines the commucation ease of Powerpoint and the historical archiving and collaborative work environment capabilities of CVS.

We worked closely with the ACG, developing an evolving spec as project requirements were adapted to fit the opportunities presented by the technologies we chose.

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