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Coho has now been completely replaced by PINCHOS, a massive improvement undertaken by Shawn, Walker, and myself while at Hill & Knowlton.

CoHo is a work in progress. It is a content aggregator that uses a simple XML document or a table in a MySQL database to determine a website's architecture, pull content from appropriately configured databases, static files & outside sites, and link that content to display templates before pushing it out to a client browser. I wrote the main CoHo engine in PHP, and it has allowed us to construct online media rooms and marketing/communications sites more efficiently, and place the burden of endless content edits on the client.

CoHo is a natural partner to SAUCE, my coworker Shawn's database administration tool.

The primary improvements that PINCHOS has intruduced to this model are greater cooperation between the administration and display components, hooks into the PostgreSQL database, and better conformance to Unix-style installation and directory layout practices.

CoHo has been used as the backbone for a number of sites produced by my former employer extension11 (including biggies like my current day job,, and

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