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bipole / audio-video synchronicity

I provide the video half of this multimedia performance duo. Andy W and I combine live minimal techno and synchronized video to create a carefully manipulated sensory experience.

Bipole's intent is very much experimental: we are exploring ways to blend generative video and live music without sacrificing the narrative elements of a good performance, a task which has proven much more difficult than we initially anticipated. Hence, we don't play out much :) ...but w're always working on something, even it's mainly for our own technical amusement.

Our first performance, in October 2001 (at the Viberation 5-year), took place after months of R+D with software tools such as Max/MSP, Nato.0+55 (recently supplanted by Jitter, a vastly superior piece of software), and PD. Since then, we have played at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

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